Before You Go Spending Money on Facebook Ads, We Teach You How to Build Business Funnels

Why Learn Funnels? The funnel training will help you gain higher registration rates for your Facebook traffic and higher sales conversion rates. You will learn the 6-Step F.U.N.N.E.L. Formula to grow your business and your database: Freemium, Upsell, Newsletter, Next Offer, Expand Market, Lifetime Client.

This bonus training includes a digital ebook written by John Pohly called The Ultimate Conversion Funnel Blueprint and a digital workbook that you can print out to identify your ideal audience. 

1. FREEMIUM: Facebook ads for free givaways are great for gaining high opt-in rates. We call valuable freebies a "freemium". Examples are free ebooks, digital whitepapers, downloadable checklists, and online videos.

2. UPSELL: When someone requests your freemium on your Facebook ad, you will send it to them and direct your new lead to an upsell offer.

3. NEWSLETTER: You got the lead in step 1 and most leads do not immediately sign up for an upsell offer. Freemiums always have digital delivery and that means that you have your leads email address to send follow-up on a regular basis in the form of a monthly e-newsletter.

4. NEXT OFFER: Every newsletter should contain content relevant to the topic of your freemium at the beginning of the funnel. You should also include a repeat of your original upsell and additional offers.

5. EXPAND MARKET: Providing great content on a regular basis to your target audience will help you build a following of raving fans (on Facebook) who share your posts and offers.

6. LIFETIME CLIENT: The best sales come from your previous clients. 

We Help You Master Facebook and Instagram Advertising with an 8-Week Field Training (Your Purchase Includes Next Two Bootcamps)

 Week 1 

  • FBSA Members Area Orientation
  • Intro to Facebook Ad Manager
  • Add Facebook Billing Credit Card
  • Build Your Facebook Page 

Week 2 

  • Uploading Your Sphere of Influence (SOI) Databases
  • Create and Install Your Website Pixel
  • Facebook Ad Image Workshop
  • Launch Your SOI Ad

 Week 3 

  • Launch Your Freemium Ad with Upsell Offer
  • Block Competition From Seeing the Ad


Week 4 

  • Facebook Lead Generation Forms

 Week 5 

  • Launch Your I.S.A. Appointment Ad
  • The Calendar Method
  • The Messenger Method

Week 6 

  • Build Your Authority Carousel Ad
  • Create a Unique Value Positioning Video
  • Display Options for Testimonials

Week 7 

  • Build Your FB Ecosystem with Facebook Live

Week 8 

  • Build Your Instant Messenger Robot

Facebook Changes Often, So Do We! Your Purchase Includes Access to Our Next Two 8-Week Live Bootcamps.