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Fly Under the Radar
Tired of Copy Cat Competitors? Block Them!

  • Curiosity clicks cost money when your competitors see your ad... Example in the real estate industry: "I wonder what happens when I click on this house? Who is the agent with this ad? What is my house value?" 
  • Cha-ching, cha-ching the clicks can add up... more often than not your competitors will not buy your product or service. Finding the right message to the right audience may involve blocking a few competitors. You can block based on job title, employer name or even by uploading their phone numbers and email addresses!
  • Inman News published an article on Pohly's strategy in 2015 on blocking competitors, 18 months after members of FBSA implemented the strategy. To learn the best Facebook ad strategies, business owners have been raving about FBSA since it launched in 2014!
  • Members of FBSA keep a competitive edge. John writes the book or publishes the techniques before anyone in the advertising industry mentions it and sometimes even before Facebook announces the new feature. Example: FBcasting book was published days before Facebook announce the LIVE feature was available to all users! John attends the annual Facebook conference in Silicon Valley for app developers and advertisers to get the real inside scoop for FBSA members!
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The ISA Funnel - Great for Service Industries
The "Have Mets" (all industries), Internet Lead Database (all industries), Expired and FSBO Databases (real estate specific). The Goal is Appointment Automation!

  • Learn the art of staying top of mind with those that are most likely to request your services... the "Have Mets" also known as people that know you.
  • Stop relying entirely on spam emails that no one cares about to remind everyone that you know that you are a real estate agent, salesperson, chiropractor or hair stylist. If you work by appointment, you are going to love the automation!
  •  Find out how to take over Facebook, Instagram, and tens of thousands of mobile apps with your audience so that you contact info is always accessible and do it for less than $1 a day!
  • The ISA Funnel formula is the perfect combination of Facebook ads, Facebook custom audiences, the mobile responsive landing page, and the appointment booking software.
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The Art of Conversion with Big Ticket Sales
Learn Effective Techniques for Gaining Appointments. Step 1: Lead Identification Step 2: U.V.P. Infomercial Video

  • 95% of business owners are spending double the money to drive Facebook traffic only to get 20% as many registrations as our proven funnel formula. For the past few years, the freemium opt-in has been the best method to identify prospects. The method is explained in detail to our members with each webinar.
  • Not all software is created equal. Learn why asking too many question on one form can kill registration rates. The freemium for big ticket sales items should have a 15% full-lead registration rate. Half of our members have achieved a 25% full-lead registration rate!
  • Position yourself through calculated marketing on Facebook so your competitors will have to outspend you 10 to 1 to get similar results.
  • Learn how to launch re-marketing and a branded 2nd funnel to all of your big ticket sales items, even if they do not register! Big ticket items could be houses, cars, computers etc... The funnel formula works in every industry.
  • Freemium offers (funnel formula) for big ticket items work best at the top of the funnel with less branding and the goal is potential big ticket prospects. The 2nd funnel is your U.V.P. infomercial and this is where you get an opportunity to give a very short, automated presentation in a prospects Facebook or Instagram newsfeed even before a a big ticket appointment!
  • In many Facebook markets, John Pohly is turning 3-4 clicks into 1 lead... most internet marketers claim this is impossible. 25% was impossible in 2014 when Pohly did it and won the lead generation contest at the largest real estate brokerage in the world.
  • As a member, John Pohly will be showing you the step-by-step on the webinars for the 1st and 2nd funnels of big ticket lead conversion along with a dozen other proven methods for digital marketing. Stop settling for the 1% registration rates which are common with websites!
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Niche Funnels with Facebook Forms
This Feature Just Got a Lot Better in 2017!

  • Interested Facebook users can send your name, email, phone, and home address with 2 taps from any mobile device. Facebook created this in 2016 and it still seems that most marketers do not know about it... except for you when you attend the member trainings!
  • Why did Facebook do it? They finally figured out that long forms on bad websites created too much turnover for most advertisers. Today's website browser is on a mobile phone and Facebook forms are the answer for resolving website issues and cumbersome website registration forms.
  • We were the first real estate training course to teach these new techniques! In 2015, we started training business owners and entrepreneurs. We do not talk about theory, these methods are proven each day with John Pohly's own advertising dollars and management of hundreds of other ad accounts around North America!
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Marketing Based on GPS Location
Perfect for Businesses with a Storefront.

  • Drive awareness for your physical office or storefront location. For retail locations, it is likely your customers are driving near your place of business.
  • Simple one-button click for direction to your business from a prospect's mobile phone location within a custom distance radius to the storefront. Target the street address of your business anywhere from 1 to 50 miles.
  • This type of Facebook ad shows on mobile phone apps... If someone is using one of over 20,000 different apps... weather apps, navigation apps, business review apps, news apps etc. they will likely see your ad without being logged into Facebook!
  • YES, Facebook advertising reaches much further than just Facebook and Instagram. Learn when and where to market with all of the Facebook ad options!
  • Do you attend conventions or local events for networking? Try a GPS-based Facebook and Instagram ad to gain additional brand awarenesss and leads during the event.
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Shadow Me as I Create Ads!

Not Theory, A Few Slides, Mainly Screenshare Examples or
Video Conference Training!
LIVE Q&A with Me... 



If you buy today, we’ll throw in the following bonuses for FREE so you can get lower click prices, fly under the competition radar, get higher opt-in rates, and stay informed on Facebook changes for as long as Facebook advertising continues to exist!

bonus1 bullet

Instant Data + Text Responder = Phone 2.0

This ninja tactic was just created by John Pohly by using a genius phone technology that only costs $50 a month. Pohly claims that this technology is just as good for the phone as Google was for real estate marketing in 2005. NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT IT, except for members.

This is a perfect supplement to Facebook ads and can also be used anywhere you place a phone number... Craigslist, syndication sites, sign riders, billboards. #gamechanger

p.s. As a FBSA member, you will gain free access to the 4HourFunnel.com where John explains the techniques of SMS and text message leads on Facebook, Bandit Signs, Billboards, Business Cards, Car Signs, Craigslist, Datamining, and much more...

$99 Bonus

bonus2 bullet

PicMonkey Training

Facebook advertising is all about the images. If you are not a Photoshop wizard, you will want to watch this training on how to create "Photoshop level" images using a free program called PicMonkey. Great images get lower click prices!

You will quickly learn that the right packaging of your sales funnel can easily double or triple your lead registration rates.

$99 Bonus

bonus3 bullet

LeadPages MasterMind Training

Every month, John Pohly hosts a MasterMind meeting on marketing using a landing page software program called LeadPages. Every member of FBSA will get one free ticket to join the monthly MasterMind webinar.

LeadPages is one of the most popular landing page software programs in the world and is one of the software programs that also happens to work great with Facebook advertising.

$499 Bonus

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Updates for Life

Very soon, FB Secret Agent will become a monthly subscription because it takes a lot of resources and updates to keep up with Facebook changes month after month. If you take action today, you will benefit from our grandfather clause: Get today's one-time price and lifetime access to all updates without any monthly recurring membership fees! 

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Custom List Upload

Did you come across a list of great prospects for your business? Sending an email to peoople that did not request information is bad for business but what if you uploaded the list Facebook to be able to show specific advertising that would likely appeal to your list of prospects?

Example for real estate agents: Are you tired of being the 35th agent to call an expired listing on the day it expires? Go where other agents do not even know about. You can upload a .csv file (database) to Facebook, phone numbers and/or email addresses. Read between the lines... this is powerful! B.Y.O.L  (Bring Your Own List) tactic!

$499 Bonus

bonus6 bullet

Facebook Streaming Video

Pohly already has the book written on this one at FBcasting.com. Soon Facebook will be releasing the dual-interview streaming video to verified Facebook Business pages. Facebook LIVE continues to be bigger for real estate than YouTube. As a member, you will have this mastered months before most agents even know the best strategies for Facebook LIVE and the upcoming dual-broadcast feature!

$399 Bonus

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Ninja's Guru Trainer Level

In the first few seasons of FBSA, John Pohly held back on some of the tactics because you had to know programming, HTML 5, API, app creation and a bunch of other random skill sets not typically .

Software has come a long way and in our training schedules we will host a monthly "Ninja Guru Trainer Level" workshops for techies that like to play with the LEAD-ing edge of technology. These MasterMind webinars are typically smaller and a great opportunity for super-geeky Q&A.

In the past 4 years, John Pohly is a trainer of trainers. Several of the FBSA students have been able to create businesses within the niche of Facebook advertising for other real estate agents and business owners.

$2999 Bonus


My Promise to You

"I look forward to hosting each and every FBSA webinar and you can tell by my enthusiasm! Each one is different and we have more than 50 of them in the member's area.

If you are a begginner or an expert - you will learn from me. My commitment to members is to always bring my energy, knowledge, experience and proven tactics to the webinar. 

Facebook will change and I will always be the first one to write the instructions on navigating the changes. Join today!"

-John Pohly, Creator of FB Secret Agent

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